i work at tumblr so you don't have to

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its 5 in the morning and i couldnt rest until i posted this

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/b/ is a realm pervaded by something called ‘shock posts’ — graphic scenes of violence or sex. A realm where ‘completely anonymous — no login, no username — people try to shock, entertain and coax free porn from one another,’ wrote Gawker’s Nick Douglas. He said it’s otherwise known as the ‘a–hole of the internet.’


youtube comments section confirmed as the largest source of dark energy on this planet

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Infinite Jest – the 1,000-page epic of American addiction and tennis – has been recreated in plastic bricks by an appropriately precocious child

David Foster Wallace novel translated by an 11-year-old – into Lego



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Westboro Baptist is planning to picket Tumblr. Follow their Tumblr for more information.

Wow… this is going to be interesting…

I generally bring the gay, but I will bring double gay on September 10th. 

This might be the only good excuse I get to being pentagrams and glitter to work with me. Excited!

They should check out vectorgallery while they are here too!

Someone needs to add this to the company event calendar. Time to break out the gay pride tumblr shirts :)

Apparently we’ll be picketed.  I feel like I’ve arrived in a very strange manner.

alert alert, on september 10th this office will be most fabulous

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Amy Poehler just schooled Neal Brennan on what it’s like to be a woman with one sentence 

Oh, Amy. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. 

For one, she can make a feminist argument zing like a “Weekend Update” punchline, a skill she demonstrated as a recent guest on The Approval Matrix, the Sundance Network’s new panel show. During her interview, Poehler was asked about modern men and the difficult challenges men face.

Poehler has never been shy about women’s issues | Follow micdotcom


bunny friends looking at the sky together 

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